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Making A Difference One Smile At A Time

A High-Quality, Non-Profit Dental Facility serving Christian, Barry, Lawrence and Stone Counties, Missouri.

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We're excited about the opportunity to provide the finest preventive and primary dental health services possible to low-income children and pregnant mothers residing in Christian, Stone, Dade, Barry and Lawrence Counties, Missouri!

Who's able to qualify for the Children's Smile Center services?

Our facilities are able to provide services to anyone who is (1) currently residing in Christian, Stone, Dade, Barry and Lawrence Counties, Missouri, and (2) a MoHelthnet recipient, and is (3) between the ages of 1-19 years old or a pregnant woman.

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Do you currently reside in on of the following counties?

  • Stone County,
  • Christian County,
  • Lawrence County,
  • Barry County,

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What Is MO HealthNet?

The stated mission of MO HealthNet is to purchase and monitor health care services for low income and vulnerable citizens of the State of Missouri. The agency assures quality health care through development of service delivery systems, standards setting and enforcement, and education of providers and participants. We are fiscally accountable for maximum and appropriate utilization of resources.

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